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Naturally Uncommon

A Natural Products Private Label & Contract Manufacturing Company

Bring Your Ideas to Life

At Naturally Uncommon, our top priority is taking your innovative product ideas and transforming them into real life, high quality personal care goods that your customers will love. We help you create a branded product line that you’re proud to see on the shelves and in people’s homes, all without the stress of producing and manufacturing on your own time. With almost 10 years of product development experience, we know a thing or two about how to streamline the process so that your new product can hit the market as efficiently as possible. We can’t wait to help you bring your products to life!

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Difference Between Private Label and Contract Manufacturing 

There are a lot of people who are unsure about the difference between Private Label Manufacturing and Contract Manufacturing. In a nutshell, the end goal of both is the same, and that is to produce high-quality products that your consumers will love and buy often. Whether you work with Naturally Uncommon on a Private Label or Contract Manufacturing basis, you are in control of the product’s formulation, packaging, marketing and distribution.

What is Private Label manufacturing?

We work with customers to customize our existing products based on the use of new scents/fragrances and packaging to make the product their own. In the case of our cold process bar soap, we have the ability to produce custom silicone molds to uniquely design the bars for your brand. In addition to a limitless number of bar shapes, the bar can feature your brand name or logo.

What is Contract manufacturing?

Have your own formula you would like us to produce? Naturally Uncommon can work with you to produce branded products based on your predetermined formula and packaging needs. Provide us with your new formula, and we will take care of the rest while remaining in constant communication throughout the entirety of the product development process.