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We believe that personal care should be done as naturally as possible, and every day we strive to create the best, most innovative and effective products that your customers will love including in their daily routines. We currently produce the following products under existing formulas on a private label basis.

All formulas can be customized with your scent or flavor preferences. The addition of custom packaging and labels make the products uniquely yours.

Alternatively, bring us your own formula you would like us to produce. We can work with you to produce branded products based on your predetermined formula and make adjustments, if requested.

Natural Deodorant

Cold Process Bar Soap

Hand Salves & Balms

shaving gel

Shaving Gel

Hand, Face & Body Lotions

Oil Blends & Serums

Hand Body Scrub

Hand & Body Scrubs

Soy Candles

Soy Candles

Lip Balm

Body Wash

Body Wash

pet shampoo

Pet Care Products

Solid Cologne

Solid Cologne

liquid hand soap

Liquid Hand Soap

shampoo bars

Shampoo Bars

roll on perfume

Roll-on Perfume

anti chaffing lotion

Anti-chafing lotion

beard oil

Beard Oil